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Data Management
Robust Infrastructure for In-situ Visualization and Analysis

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Experts in our field expect that, as concurrency grows, there will be a widening gap between computational and I/O capacity, and this will be further stressed by energy demands. Our approach is to perform as much work as possible while the data is still resident in application memory, a use model often referred to as “in-situ.”

Data Analysis
Componentized Infrastructure for Flexible Analysis Tasks

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Early analysis of the data generated by large scale simulations is crucial to effectively monitor the correct progress of simulations and the understanding of simulation results.  Such early analysis capability requires an in-situ monitoring framework that allows analysis tasks to take place “on-the-fly” while data is generated.

Fundamental Visualization Software Infrastructure

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While the idea of a single library upon which applications are built is well grounded in software engineering principles, the current ubiquitous library was designed during the era of the single core processor. Our plan is to engage a wide segment of leading visualization and system researchers and developers to produce a new library that is architecture-aware and can serve as the basis for future visualization applications.

Scientific Software Tools
The SDAV Toolkit

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A sustainable software infrastructure requires quality assurance, regression testing, distribution, and tracking feedback from the users. Our intent is to deliver a software infrastructure to the scientific community that couples the best practices from both research and development.


The SciDAC Institute of Scalable Data Management, Analysis and Visualization is funded by the DOE Office of Science through the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research



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SciDAC Institute Director: Arie Shoshani

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
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Principal Investigators: James Ahrens/LANL, E. Wes Bethel/LBNL, Eric Brugger/LLNL, Alok Choudhary/ NWU, Berk Geveci/Kitware, Scott Klasky/ORNL, Kwan-Liu Ma/UC Davis, Ken Moreland/SNLNM, Manish Parashar/Rutgers, Valerio Pascucci/Utah, Robert Ross/ANL, Nagiza Samatova/NCSU, Karsten Schwan/Georgia Tech, Han-Wei Shen/Ohio State

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